Friday, December 16, 2011

Captain John Linklater - Addendum

Further to my Linklater article posted yesterday:-

While reading through a ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ (Oct 2011) magazine from the library I saw an article on ‘Merchant Navy career records’ and in it was a link to the London Metropolitan Archives where they had an index of the Lloyd’s of London ‘Captains Registers’.

This is where I think I’ve hit the final jackpot - although I’m quite aware there could still be more than one John Linklater who became a captain!

Index to the Captains Registers of Lloyd’s of London (Guildhall Library Ms 18567)

LINKLATER, John b. Leith 1827 C28531 Leith 1863 vol.9 1863-1864
LINKLATER, Magnus b. Leith 1836 C19728 Shields 1865 vol.9 1865-1868, 1870, 1872-1873; vol.21 1876

John & Magnus were both brothers of my great-grandfather James, the three of them were born in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

John in 1827; Magnus in 1837; James in 1842.

I’m not exactly sure what each line above means but I do know that after their names is given their place & year of birth and they both match. I think the next date is the year they passed their Master Mariner examinations. That remains to be seen, all I need to do now is find out how I can get hold of the above papers, somehow I have the feeling it’s going to involve money so that will have to wait until after Christmas now!

Note: there was no other John Linklater in the index who was born in the same year or place.

The year ‘1863’ rang a bell, as I knew he had gone to Scotland around that time to pick up the new steamship ‘Wanganui’ to bring it back to NZ, so I set about searching Papers Past once more and here we have the final proof:-



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