Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thomas Linklater – Addendum

The death certificate for Thomas arrived today and although it certainly looks like it might be him there’s no proof apart from the fact that his wife married again soon after this date.



The Marine Hospital in Charterhouse Lane is now known as Charter House, originally founded in 1350 by Sir William de la Pole, the first mayor of Hull, as a Priory of Carthusian monks. With the further intention of establishing a hospital. The ‘Gods House Hospital’ was eventually established by his son, the charter being granted in 1384 when the first master was appointed. Initially housing 13 poor men and 13 poor women, and surrounded by fields through which the River Hull flowed, the institution prospered from income derived from its lands. Unfortunately this attracted the attention of Henry VIII who in 1536 closed the Priory and turned the monks out. The hospital, however, remained and over time acquired the name The Charter House.

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